What is a Plug and Play Hot Tub?

Plug And Play Series

Having a Hot Tub has often been seen as the ultimate luxury, many consider un-affordable. On top of that many think that when installing one in their home, it will require extensive ground work, planning and plumbing. However with the Hot Tub industry revolutionising this really isn’t the case. The arrival of the ‘Plug and Play’ Hot Tub models has certainly helped contribute to the surge in Hot Tub purchasing.

First of all what is a Plug and Play series Hot Tub?

A plug and play Hot Tub is one that runs off a standard 13amp supply, just like the connection you would use for a kettle, or many other appliances around the house. In many cases the cable and plug would still need to be provided by the consumer, however this may eliminate any expense in having to hire an electrician like you would when purchasing a Hot Tub with more jets and bigger pumps, which would require a 32amp supply put in by a qualified electrician.

These spas will also usually take up much less space than a standard Hot Tub, so are perfect for those restricted to space or access, and certainly those who do not want the hassle of upgrading or changing any electrics.

The smaller foot print also eliminates the hassle associated with the installation of a hot tub. For instance with some of the British Hot Tubs Plug and Play Series models, the profile height has been designed so that when it is on its side for delivery, it can fit through a standard gate. This is great for those who may have restricted access, and often eliminates the need for a crane which is of course an extra cost. Many of these Plug and Play models are not too deep, which means they may be considered more aesthetically pleasing than some of the deeper spas so can blend into the garden a lot better than some of the bigger ones – but of course that all depends on your taste! These spas just need to be placed on a solid level base, and don’t require plumbing of any kind as its simple to fill and drain using your hose pipe!

There may be people reading this thinking that because they are living in rented accommodation they can’t have one at all because they may end up moving in a couple years, and it would have to be left at the property and considered to be a wasted investment, but with these spas that is not the case as it is simple to remove and relocate into a new property. And if you choose a quality hot tub with good aftercare service, you can have it for many years and relocate with no issues!

All of these factors have really heightened the surge for Hot Tubbing, with it being more achievable and hassle free than what they were years ago! Whether you are looking for a luxurious massage, hydrotherapy benefits, or just a social hub for friends and family a Hot Tub sure brings couples, friends and families together; designed to suit all needs and budgets, with finance also being available in all reputable stores and dealerships.

The dream of being submerged in hot bubbly water, having a hydrotherapy massage at your fingertips, allowing you to escape from the stresses of daily life whilst being in the comfort of your own home and without time constraints is very much a reality for all!!

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