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Are you considering Hot Tub ownership in Worcestershire?

Since 1984 our name Award Leisure has been synonymous with quality, comfort, and innovation. We are constantly living up to our name by gaining top awards, while being recognised as a superior and trusted ‘complete service’ destination for hot tubs and outdoor products.

We are a Coast Spas and Regency Collection specialist and now have five showroom locations to cater for greater demand for quality hot tubs.

Simon in our Hall Green showroom caters for Worcestershire and we now have many happy Worcestershire Hot Tub customers. Check out our Facebook Page (AwardLesiureBirmingham) or Google Business Page to see what people say about our quality and service. We are proud to be achieving 5 out of 5 on both forums.

Here in our Hall Green showroom we provide wet test capability on both our hot tub range and swim spas…..relax with a coffee, prosecco or a beer and experience the bliss of sitting in a Coast Spas hot tub.

Worcestershire Hot tub showroom

Award Leisure showrooms are currently leading the promotion of a tidal wave of incredible developments by Canadian Hot Tub and swim spa manufacturer Coast Spas.

Unique designs and state of the art technology, including a Commercial-Grade Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System are being showcased by Simon and his two sales assistants Clare and Charlotte.

With ‘Interest Free’ options over 3 years and flexible repayment terms of up to ten years, there has never been a better time to take the leap into Hot Tub ownership.

Visit our your nearest Showroom in HallGreen, click below for the address and directions.


Hot Tubs Worcestershire

Hot tubs Worcestershire

Hot tubs Worcestershire

Buying a Sauna in 2019?



The Finns have it totally right – saunas are amazing for both your body and your mind. There is nothing that compares to that almost euphoric feeling of stepping out of the sauna feeling your skin completely cleansed and your mind ready to take on the day. Over here in the UK, saunas are becoming increasingly popular with people interested in health and fitness, but there are so many advantages to saunas that almost everyone can get some benefit out of using one.

So, what are the benefits?

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Looking to buy a Hot Tub in Wolverhampton ?

Why Wolverhampton loves Coast Spas – Hot Tubs and Swim Spas (The Best Built Spas)

When I speak to customers in Wolverhampton who have had their Award Leisure Hot Tub for at least a few weeks to see how they are getting on and how they rate their Hot Tub and the service they have received so far, the responses in the main tend to be quite similar.

The first thing I hear is the quality of the Hot Tub build and value for money. This is because Award Leisure are the UK’s distributors of Coast Spas, Award Leisure deal direct with the manufacturer and the CEO himself.

This means that when you meet Simon at the local showroom to Wolverhampton, he can give you direct from the manufacturer prices, cutting out the middleman.

Coast Spas are manufactured in Canada so they are built solid to last many years in Wolverhampton weather, we are the first and only manufacturer to use 1 and 1/4 inch of angle iron through all the stress points on the Hot Tub which is why we can give a  10 year guarantee unlike cheaper flimsy Chinese spas.

Award Leisure offers residents in Wolverhampton a ‘one stop shop’ experience, he is with you every step of the way, offering free survey and site visits, after care, service plans, chemicals, accessories and much more.

hot tubs Kidderminster
Simon Award Leisure
0121 3892758

Contact Simon directly or pop in and see him for the best deals direct. Ask him about our 0% interest free payment plans available.

Watch this short video to find out more about the benefits of owning your very own Hot Tub

Hot tubs WolverhamptonHot tubs Wolverhampton

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Hot tubs Kidderminster

Are you looking for a hot tub in Kidderminster?

Award Leisure is the number one retailer of luxury and award winning hot tubs, swim spas and outdoor leisure products in Kidderminster.

What sets us apart from most in Kidderminster is our “one stop” shop store experience. We know we can find the perfect hot tub that will suit your lifestyle and budget.  We can offer a 2 or 3 seater hot tub for a smaller room or garden through to complete fitness and entertaining spas seating as many as 8 – 10. Whether you want to exercise, relax or socialise and everything in between we can provide the perfect spa.

If you live in Kidderminster then pop into see us in Hall Green which is your local Award Leisure store.  Simon, Clare or Charlotte will explore all the options available for you including 0% finance.

Why should Kidderminster residents choose Award Leisure?

We have everything you need to turn your Kidderminster garden into a luxury haven. Not only do we offer exclusive and unique products such as Hot tubs, Swim Spas, Gazebos, Wood Fired Pizza ovens and more. We deal with everything from enquiry, point of sale with free surveys through to the after care and maintenance. We are with you for the journey, with Service plans to give you peace of mind, chemicals and accessories as well as advice on anything you might want to know about our fantastic products and services.

5* Reviews

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check out our website to see what other Happy Hot tub customers in Kidderminster say about our company and service.

Hot Tubs Kiddermister

Hot tub shop kidderminster

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hot tubs Kidderminster
Simon Award Leisure
0121 3892758

Either pop in and see us or contact Simon directly for the best deals available

Another happy Hot Tub customer in Telford


We have just installed a Regency Prince Hot Tub for Mr Mrs Addison and their daughter in Telford.

The Regency Prince 7 Person Hot Tub has been our best selling hot tub for 20 years. The Prince is the perfect hot tub for all of the family because this all seated hot tub has a variety of seats for everyone, no matter how small or tall. With a combination of comfortable jacuzzi massage therapy seats and contoured hydrotherapy seating, you can relax, soothe aching muscles or party with family and friends by having your own hot tub jacuzzi at home.

This Canadian hot tub is designed with 5 luxurious hydrotherapy seats and 2 higher cool down seats, each with a variation of carefully positioned powerful and very sophisticated massage jets. In particular, the 2 higher seats are perfect for the not so tall and make for very handy steps to get in and out of the hot tub.

Regency Prince Hot Tub
The Regency Prince Hot Tub

We asked Steve about his experience with Award Leisure Birmingham and if he would be happy to recommend us to his friends and family… Continue reading “Another happy Hot Tub customer in Telford”

Are inflatable Hot Tubs worth it?

Thinking about buying a Hot Tub? Considering starting with an inflatable spa? Read our latest blog post and weigh up the pros and cons to inflatable hot tubs, and whether they’re worth the investment.


Considering starting with an inflatable spa? Not sure where to start? Read our latest blog on whether inflatable hot tubs are worth the investment.


You only have to look at the queues outside Costco, Argos and B&Q on a sunny day to understand that people go mad for a cheap inflatable hot tub. We often get people coming into store asking about them – while we don’t stock them, that’s not to say they’re a good idea for some! Today we’re talking about the pros and cons to investing in an inflatable hot tub.




Pluses and Positives:


  1. The blow-up hot tubs are a great way of finding out if you’re going to use a hot tub. You can usually pick up a cheap inflatable Hot Tub for around £300, which is a much smaller investment than a hard-shell hot tub!
  2. Because they are inexpensive to buy and conveniently plug into a standard U.K. socket, you can literally buy one in a box, pump it up with the air blower supplied and be in hot water on the same day. No lengthy lead times, no electrician, no hassle! You’ll also use way less electricity than a traditional 32 Amp traditional Hot Tub, saving you money in running costs.
  3. If you’re persuaded to splash out on the real deal at some point in the future, you’ll be better prepared for knowing what type of hot tub you prefer. You’ll also have knowledge on water chemistry and all of the other chores and challenges which are associated with hot tub ownership.
  4. Your garden will become a party-zone and you’ll have friends (some which you’d forgotten about) turn up at your house with their bathing costume! It’s a great (and relatively inexpensive) way of reconnecting with family and friends, and of course making use of your garden, which may otherwise have only been used for drying the laundry!
  5. If your garden resembles more of a postage stamp than a country estate, you might not want a hot tub taking up precious space all year-round. Inflatable hot tubs can easily be emptied, deflated and put away until you’re ready to use it again! The bonus to being easily stored is that you can take it with you – whether you’re moving to a new house or fancy a soak at your holiday home, providing you have a water supply and electrical outlet, your inflatable hot tub can deliver!


Downsides and the liabilities:

  1. You’ll have to regularly change the water – every 2 weeks if in daily use! The filter is very, very basic in inflatable hot tubs; not what you want when they’re responsible for collecting everything which comes off our body and keeping the water clear! The filters are disposable and don’t last long (perhaps a month) – although they’re usually only a tenner online.
  2. It can get expensive to run as there’s no insulation to keep the water hot – usually only a lid and perhaps a ground sheet. While in the height of Summer this may not be a problem, but if you use your Hot Tub when the weather is a little cooler (or early morning/late evening), this could become expensive.
  3. There’s no built-in or in-line purification system to keep the water clean and neutralise bacteria and water-borne germs – just a floating dispenser. This must be loaded manually with chlorine or bromine tablets and left bobbing around in the spa, meaning that you’ll use lots of chemicals and without lots of bromine/chlorine the result will be dirty. Chlorine and Bromine are bleaches, meaning that lots of chemicals will deteriorate of the insides of the blow-up spa, which cannot be avoided! The deterioration weakens the material, leaving it prone to rips and tears; these rips and tears won’t be covered under the guarantee and it’s very difficult to repair as the puncture repair material won’t stick to the now chemically-scoured sides of the spa. As an additional bonus (that was sarcasm) the blower and heater will also pack up!
  4. While you usually get a 12-month guarantee, the lifespan of an inflatable spa is around 2 Summers use (if you’re lucky!) after which it will likely need replacing. This is also a major issue, as they are not recyclable – meaning when it inevitably breaks and you throw it out, it will sit just sit in a landfill forever! We are firm believers in environmental sustainability, so while hard shell hot tubs are also hard to recycle, a good quality model will last upwards of 10 years, lessening the need to be replaced and reducing waste!
  5. Inflatable hot tubs only have an air blower to create the bubbles, so there is no hydrotherapy – just air! The trouble with these types of jets is you cannot control the temperature as it will be the same as the ambient surrounding air temperature. So, on a colder day, the air will cool the water dramatically.
  6. You won’t be able to use the spa during the winter. Most blow-up spa manufacturers advise against using their hot tub in temperatures lower than 10 ° Celsius since in the winter, the heater cannot warm the water as fast as the air temperature cools the water. If you’re determined to use an inflatable Hot Tub through the winter, a great idea is to set your blow-up spa in a cabin, which will help to keep it relatively warm.
  7. There’s no seats in the blow-up spas, so when you’re in it, you’re sitting on the floor at garden or deck level. But hey, so is everyone else in your spa and if you’ve all got a drink – who cares?


Inflatable hot tubs merits and can be a great starting point for someone dipping their toe (pun intended) into the world of hot tub ownership. That said, they are not a long-term investment, and while they’re relatively cheap to buy initially, you may pay the price later down the line!


If you want more information on where to start with a hard-shell hot tub, feel free to contact us or download our FREE Buyer’s Guide to start your journey to Hot Tub ownership.