Another Happy Hot Tub customer in Knowle, Solihull

We have just installed this stunning Coast Spas Hot Tub for Dave and Kelly McGill who live in Knowle, Solihull.

Hot Tubs Solihull

Do you like what you see?

Check out special offers available and your local Award Leisure Showroom supplying Coast Spas to Solihull. We have Hot Tubs starting from only £3995.

We asked Kelly to kindly give us a review of her experience, from initially Hot Tub shopping, to choosing who to buy from, through to installation and finally using her new spa.

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New Research: Getting into Hot water is Good for You!

New Research: Getting into Hot Water is Good for You!


Research has found that soaking in hot water 90 minutes before going to bed improves sleep quality. Discover why Hot Tubs are so important & how to use them in your night-time routine.


Recent research from scientists at the University of Texas at Austin has found that soaking in hot water 90 minutes before going to bed helps you get a better night’s sleep. So, what’s the science behind this?


By soaking in a Hot Tub 90 minutes before bed, you perfectly align what’s called your Circadian rhythm. This means that your body will be cooling down at exactly the time that you will be getting into bed, helping you to relax and fall into a deeper sleep. According to the researchers, “The temperature cycle leads the sleep cycle and is an essential factor in achieving rapid sleep onset and high efficiency sleep.”

How important is Good-Quality Sleep?

I’m sure that everyone clutching a cup of coffee at 9am every morning will already know how important a good night’s sleep is, but it’s also so much more than that!

Improve Attention & concentration

Getting enough high-quality sleep will keep your mind focused and sharp – being vitally important for big decisions, driving, or operating heavy machinery.


Memory Retention

You need sleep to rest and rebuild your mind as well as your body. While you sleep, your brain will organise and process all the information you have taken on over the day, converting them into long-term memories.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Before you wake up, your body will increase your blood pressure to prepare you. If you’re kept awake too often, your body cannot compensate for this rise in blood pressure, so it may remain higher than usual – increasing your risk for stroke and coronary heart disease.

How do Hot Tubs improve sleep?

We all know that Hot Tubs are literally tubs of hot water, being perfectly equipped to align your circadian rhythm for better sleep. That’s not the only way Hot Tubs can help you get a better kip!


With strategically placed water jets, our Hot Tubs are designed with the ultimate massage in mind. By receiving regular hydrotherapy massage, you relieve muscular tension to keep you comfortable while you sleep.


Having been used for centuries, aromatherapy has many reported physical & mental health benefits. Lavender has long been known for calming your mind and relieving stress, as well as Chamomile. By clearing your mind before you go to bed, you will drift off into a better night’s sleep.

Relax in a lounger

Before you drift off to dreamland, spend your evening soak in a Hot Tub lounger for maximum relaxation!

To find the right lounger for you, make sure you wet test your preferred model. Loungers come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important to find the right fit for your body type, so you don’t float out of the seat.


Sleep is vital to proper mental and physical function – ensure you get the best possible night’s sleep with a regular evening Hot Tub soak 90 minutes before bed!

Hot Tub in Sheldon, Solihull. Another Happy Hot tub Customer

Last Friday we delivered and installed this gorgeous Hot Tub for Steve and Judy Richards who live in Sheldon, Solihull.

Steve and Judy came in-store after finding us on line and chose the beautiful Regency Baron Hot Tub.

Hot Tub installed in Solihull
Meet the beautiful Regency Baron Hot Tub just installed in Sheldon, Solihull

The Baron is available in a choice of different cabinet and shell colours. Steve and Judy decided on Tuscan Sun for the shell colour and Cedar for the cabinet and as you can see, it’s a fantastic colour combo.

Steve and Judy had been thinking of getting a Hot Tub to place on a decked area in their Solihull garden for sometime. A friend of theirs recommended a company some distance away but they found us online and liked the fact that with us being in Hall Green, we were only 10 minutes away for them for servicing and chemicals etc.

Free Hot Tub Buyers Guide

We asked Steve and Judy of Sheldon, Solihull …why they chose Award Leisure Birmingham

We came in to your store and met Simon. We liked that he answered our questions, gave great advice and was not pushy in anyway, which is refreshing in this day and age with some of the stories you hear.

Simon offered to come out and conduct a free site survey, which we took advantage of and after initially looking at a smaller Hot Tub in the range…Simon reassured us that we could go for a bigger one and that there would be enough room for the cover lifter as well. We are so pleased that we went for the Baron as at 195 x 195 x 78 cm it is a great size and myself and Judy can really stretch out in it. We would definitely recommend Award Leisure Birmingham to our family and friends.

The installers were great, nothing was too much trouble and they took the time to go through how to test the water and use the chemical starter pack in great detail.

Hot Tub Solihull testimonial

The Baron 5 person Hot Tub with lounger is ideal for a smaller patio and can be connected via a plug to a standard 13 amp supply. The Baron is our best selling Hot Tub.

There’s enough room for all of the family with the bonus of a variety of high and low seating arrangements – the lounger seat is a spa within your own Hot Tub.

Regency Baron Hot Tub

Check out this video to find out more about the Regency baron and why it could be the perfect Hot Tub for you.

Free Hot Tub Buyers Guide Solihull

The Regency Baron comes packed with features. It has 30 powerful stainless steel Hydrotherapy and adjustable jets, bluetooth with built in subwoofer, waterfall, underwater colour changing lighting….it really is your all-inclusive hot tub holiday of a lifetime – which you can enjoy every day, every year.

The Regency Baron has also been a WhatSpa Best Buy winner 3 years in a row! The Best Buy Awards acknowledge the Hot Tub models that excel across a range of criteria, including design and aesthetics, comfort and hydrotherapy and value-for-money.

Hot Tub installed in Solihull

About Regency Spas

The Regency Spas Collection is specially adapted for the variable British climate and as well as offering beautiful designs, it offers the best in performance and energy efficiency. This means you can enjoy your new Hot Tub without having to worry about high electricity bills and tedious water management.

The Regency range is manufactures in Canada by Coast Spas who have over 20 years of experience, delivering the highest quality spas with exceptional performance to customers worldwide.

We are passionate about hydrotherapy and the life-changing benefits of owning a Regency Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa. We are dedicated to making a difference in how your body heals, how you interact with loved ones and ensuring that we make a lasting impact on your life.

The Regency Spas Collection is handcrafted to the highest standards and built to withstand the harshest environments. As pioneers of Hot Tub innovation spanning over two decades, Coast Spas have defined the industry standard for the modern Hot Tub and are an industry leader in innovation and quality.

What are the benefits of a Hot Tub?

  • Reduces Stress
  • Decreases Joint Pain
  • Removes Toxins
  • Eases Muscle Aches
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Reduces Chronic Pain
  • Improves Mobility
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduces Headaches
  • Elevates Mood
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Relieves Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health

The combination of hot water, powerful massage jets and innovative engineering deliver the very best hydrotherapy experience to Coast Spas Hot Tub and swim spa owners. Our Hot Tubs are designed to optimise the significant health and wellness benefits that have been associated for thousands of years with bathing in hot water.

Live in Solihull, why not come and try before you buy

If you have never gone shopping for a Hot Tub before then you maybe thinking that taking a wet test is an unusual idea but it really is the perfect way to make sure that the Hot Tub is right for you.

Is it the right size or not? Are the jets powerful enough? How well do all of the additional features work? Is the noise level right? A quality Hot Tub runs very quietly.

Click the link and book your Wet Test today



Hot Tubs Solihull – Check out the Luxury Apex Hot Tub and Gazebo package

Are you thinking of buying a Hot Tub this year?

Award Leisure Birmingham have just delivered and installed this fabulous Luxury Apex Hot Tub and Gazebo for Mr and Mrs King in Solihull.

The sophisticated Apex will dazzle you, it is packed with features and with 65 jets offers the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

Check it out

We asked Phil for his thoughts so far now it has been installed for a couple weeks.

What do you think of your new Hot Tub?

“It’s fabulous….I’ve been promising my wife that we would get one for the last 12 years and now finally it is here. We’ve used it a lot already.”

Why did you choose Award Leisure Birmingham and a Coast Spa?

“Over a few months we tried a lot of different Hot Tubs and visited different suppliers. There are some suppliers offering Chinese made Hot Tubs and I could see that they were flimsy and not full foam which would have mean’t not as energy efficient.”

“We know the Coast Spas brand as a friend of ours in the South West has one and they love it. We used it when we visited and it is a top quality Hot Tub.”

“Simon the owner at Award Leisure Birmingham was great. I liked that nothing was too much trouble. we visited the store a couple of times as we wanted to make sure we were choosing the right Hot Tub for our needs and he was incredibly helpful even emailing different info and specification sheets on different models.”

Hot Tubs Solihull

Hot Tub prices Solihull - Award Leisure Birmingham

What made you choose the Coast Spa Luxury Apex Hot Tub?

“My wife suffers with Rheumatoid Arthritis so we wanted a variety of jets to give a full hydrotherapy experience.”

What do you think of your new Gazebo?

“It is really solid and of great quality. To be honest I was not keen on the idea of a gazebo as I didn’t think it was necessary. The Gazebo was my wife’s idea as she wanted a little more privacy. She was right, it is perfect and makes it feel cosy especially at night. I like the fact that now it can be pouring down with rain and I can be sat still relaxing in my Hot Tub. Also the skylight is a nice touch to look up and see the stars at night.”

Coast Spas has a long history as an Arthritis Advocate

For nearly two decades Coast Spas and Arthritis Research Canada (ARC) have worked together to improve the quality of life of arthritis sufferers. After years of consultation and partnered research with ARC’s Arthritis Research Team and their Arthritis Patient Advisory Board, Coast Spas designed the world’s first Wellness Spa. In working with ARC for so long in regards to research and clinical trials, Coast Spas has internalised the needs and requirements of arthritis sufferers when creating their hot tubs.

Are you thinking of getting a Hot Tub but worried about access?

Never fear, where there’s a will, there’s away. Mr and Mrs King needed a crane to get their Luxury Apex into their garden and in position. Here at Award Leisure Birmingham we can help arrange a crane for you and deal with them directly to arrange installation dates and times so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Check out the crane in action carefully and slowly lifting and then easing the new Hot Tub into positionHot Tubs Solihull - Award Leisure BirminghamHot Tub Solihull - Award Leisure BirminghamHot Tub SolihullHot tubs Solihull

Hot tubs Solihull












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Hot Tubs in Solihull

Award Leisure Birmingham is the number one retailer for premium hot tubs, swim spas & outdoor leisure products in Solihull.  We are also delivering and installing hot tubs in the nearby areas of Birmingham, Redditch and Bromsgrove.

What sets our hot tub dealer showroom near Solihull apart from other hot tub retailers is our ‘one stop’ shop store experience and our ability to offer the whole package from bases, decking, hot tubs, swim spas, outdoor enclosures and other garden leisure products such as wood fired pizza ovens – designed to make a garden a home and social hub all year round.

Contact us directly for the best hot tub prices in the West Midlands.

Award Leisure Birmingham | Hot Tub Dealer in Solihull
Hot Tub Dealer near Solihull

Take a look at some our recent hot tub installations in Solihull:

Award Leisure Birmingham | Hot Tub Installations in Solihull
Hot Tub Installation in Solihull
Award Leisure Birmingham | Hot Tub Installations in Solihull
Hot Tub Installation in Solihull

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Easter Saturday Hot Tub Special Offers Open Day 31 March 2018 12pm to 4pm

Easter Saturday Open Day

Easter Saturday Hot Tub Open day

Come and find out about the exciting new features and models of Coast Spas 2018 range at our Easter Saturday open day on 31 March from 12pm to 4 pm

We have a great range of ex display models and warehouse stock on special offer for Easter!

Customers can enjoy relaxation and hydrotherapy in a Coast Spas hot tub, or try out ‘stationary swimming’ in a Coast Spas Wellness Swim Spa exercise pool.

Award Leisure Birmingham is the latest addition to the Award Leisure franchise and has recently opened up a hot tub and garden building store in a former car showroom on Highfield Road in Hall Green, Birmingham.  An authorised dealer of Coast Spas, there are hot tubs, a swim spa, gazebos, a tiki bar, wood-fired pizza ovens, a cedar barrel sauna and log cabins on display.   Customers will be welcomed on the open day with drinks from the tiki bar.  There will be demonstrations, and tasting, of pizza cooked in the wood-fired pizza oven.  A log cabin provides the private, relaxing setting for hydrotherapy sessions in a Coast Spas Zenith Curve hot tub.  Swimmers can try out their technique swimming against the 3 ‘river jets’ in the 4m long and 1.4m deep exercise pool, then relax afterwards in the hydrotherapy seats at the other end of the of the Coast Spas Wellness Swim Spa.

2017 Stock Must Go – GET IT BEFORE IT’S GONE

We’re clearing out the warehouse ready for 2018 models.  We have some superb bargains on 2017 models.

Quick delivery and low deposits available.  Full range of finance options including 0% finance and Buy Now Pay Later.

All prices include Steps (RRP £185) and Cover Lifter (RRP £255) and Delivery and installation (£395)

Click here for our new special offers page to see hot tubs in stock and pricing:


A 10-25% deposit will secure any of our superb hot tub offers. We accept all major credit cards and can provide Hot Tub finance over 1 to 10 years.

Hot Tub Finance

PLUS with our new BANK BUSTER finance package you can buy your new hot tub from as little as £ 9 per week.


We offer a no obligation FREE home survey. All our hot tubs are Factory Direct and delivered from stock. Why Wait ?


Call us on 0121 389 2758


New hot tub showroom in Birmingham covering Birmingham, Solihull, Black Country, Worcestershire and surrounding areas

Our new permanent hot tub showroom and outdoor leisure store is open for business.  Come and see our new range of display products – we have a whole new set of display hot tubs with all the available shell and cabinet options from Coast Spas with great new examples across the range.  Plus an OREGON LOG CABIN, a BROOKHAVEN LOG CABIN, a CEDAR BARREL SAUNA, a thatched TIKI BAR and a CEDAR GAZEBO. A full range of Award Leisure outdoor WOOD FIRED PIZZA OVENS also on display.

PLUS we are fully stocked with SPA MATE chemicals and accessories
PLUS we are available for hot tub servicing and repairs and hot tub relocations

Call on 07711 252775 

We cover Birmingham, Solihull, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Droitwich, Worcestershire, Kidderminster, Stourbridge, Halesowen, Dudley, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas